We have founded our company in 2007 with the aim of preserving the accumulated professional expertise after the termination of a former industrial company. This way we can share our experience and knowledge with our partners and can offer them business solutions tailored to their own profiles.

Our experts have worked in large corporations for years in the fields of finances, controlling, IT, sales and logistics. In the course of our work, we have faced challenges that motivated us to constantly come up with new ideas in the competitive environment and by always using high-quality tools we have managed to become leaders in the application of administrative, informational and computer technologies.

We have identified those business applications that satisfy current needs and demands while they are also future-oriented and can help our partners achieve their business objectives on the long run as well. We have established partnerships with which we can implement complex business, IT, and office applications and can keep up with the development of available technologies. The selected tools and the expertise and reliability inherent in our company guarantee that we provide up-to-date and cutting edge solutions.

It is our philosophy that we cannot operate on the long-term without satisfied customers and thus the appropriate support has to be provided in a reliable manner at all times.